Finally Purchasing Summer Toys To Enjoy At The Beach? 3 Tips For Choosing A Cargo Trailer For Transporting & Storing Them

Posted on: 9 March 2017

If you live near a great beach that allows the use of jet-skis, kayaks, and other fun water toys, then you may have decided to finally invest in some of those toys to make beach time more exciting this summer. However, you may still be deciding how and where you will store them and how you will transport them to and from the beach. When you choose the right cargo trailer, you can not only use it to haul your summer toys to the beach, but it can also double as a storage facility for them when they are not in use. 

Read on to learn three tips for choosing a cargo trailer that you can both haul and store those summer toys in this summer and for many years to come. 

1. Look for Enclosed Trailers Called "Toy Trailers"

Being a soon-to-be new owner of summer "toys," you may not realize that there are cargo trailers designed specifically to be the perfect trailers for storing and transporting toys of all types. These trailers are enclosed, which means that unlike open trailers that have just a bottom and sometimes two short sides, they have four walls and a ceiling; choosing an enclosed trailer is important when you would like your cargo trailer to double as a small storage unit. 

You will often find enclosed trailers for sale called "toy trailers," and these trailers are designed specifically for transporting water toys, ATVs, motorcycles, etc. However, you may want to check out other enclosed trailers and utility trailers to check out all of your options before you purchase one. 

2. A Rear-Ramp Door Is a Must for Easy Toy Loading

You will find enclosed trailers with several types of doors styles, and the options are virtually endless. However, the three most common types of enclosed trailer doors include double-rear doors with no ramp, rear-ramp doors, and simple hinged entry doors (similar to the front door of a house). 

While any door style is an option as long as you can fit each of your toys through it, a rear-ramp door is a good option that will allow you to roll your toys into and out of the trailer instead of having to do heavy lifting every time you take them in and out. 

3. Choose a Smart Axle Style

Most cargo trailers come in either single-axle or double-axle (often called tandem axle) designs. Single-axle trailers are not required by law to have brakes, while double-axle trailers are (although you can find some single-axle trailers equipped with breaks). Brakes are important for safety on the road, and most states require by law that any trailer hauling a load of 3000 pounds or more be equipped with a braking system. Brakes come in both electric and hydraulic styles, and must be equipped with a trailer breakaway system if your state requires it. 

There are advantages to each axle style. However, double-axle trailers are best if you plan to transport a heavy load of toys to and from the beach, especially when driving on the highway, where the added stability of two axles is important for safety. Single-axle trailers don't take bumps on the road well, since the entire load they are carrying is balanced on just one axle and they often lack suspension systems. Tires also wear faster on single-axle trailers since each tire supports so much weight. 

If you are finally splurging on those summer "toys" for you and your family to enjoy this summer at the beach, then you likely know that you will need a place to store them and a way to haul them. An enclosed cargo trailer is a great option that can fit both needs, and when you follow these three tips, you can make sure you purchase a trailer that works well for you for many years. For more information on cargo trailers, check out websites like