3 Car Parts That A Transmission Must Have To Function

Posted on: 22 March 2017

The main part that your car must have in order to be driven is a transmission, which is automatic in the majority of vehicle models. There are several parts to an automatic transmission that contributes to helping it function. If any of the parts become problematic, you can end up with a car that you are unable to drive. It is wise to make sure repairs are made to the transmission as soon as they are needed rather than having to invest in a new one, as it is an expensive part. Below, you will learn about the parts of your car that are associated with the transmission that should be maintained. 

1. The Solenoid

It is important for the fluid that flows through the transmission to be regulated. For instance, your transmission must not receive too much or too little fluid. One of the things that might happen if the fluid isn't regulated is poor performance of the gears, which means you might have problems making certain maneuvers. In order for transmission fluid to be regulated, you must make sure that the solenoid is not damaged. If you have been noticing problems with your gears, get the solenoid inspected by a transmission repair specialist as soon as possible.

2. Transmission Fluid Lines

Other than transmission fluid being regulated, there must also be a good quantity of it inside of your car. If it seems like you have to replace the transmission fluid more than usual, there might be something wrong with the lines. If the fluid has been leaking out of the lines, you should get them repaired before you start having transmission problems. A mechanic will either have to seal the lines up or replace them. Keep in mind that the lines can also become dirty and not allow fluid to fully pass through them, which can be fixed by getting the transmission flushed.

3. The Engine

The main part of your car that the transmission has to have in order to function is the engine. The reason why is because the engine is what gives the transmission power. If you ever notice that the check engine light is on in your car, get help from a mechanic to find out what the problem is before the transmission is affected.  The engine or any parts that are related to it can be in need of a repair. For example, you might need to have the torque converter repaired.