Child Driving Home From Out Of State College? 2 Things That Should Be Checked First

Posted on: 24 April 2017

If your child is finished with college for the year and will be coming home for the summer, a few things should be checked in their car first. This is especially true because they are out of state and will be driving a long distance. They also have likely used their car a lot throughout the year, which can put some wear and tear on it. Below are two of these things so they can have a safe trip home.

Check the Ring and Pinion Gears

The ring and pinion gears are what rotates the wheels when your child is driving the car forwards and backwards. The ring has grooves and connects to the axles of each rear tire. There is a grooved pinion attached to the front tire. Each time your child presses on the gas pedal the ring and pinion gears, as well as the driveshaft, work together to create torque for the tires. The driveshaft and pinion spins together to give the wheels enough power to move forwards or backwards.

Over time, the grooves on the ring and pinion gears wear down. If this happens, you child will hear a noise when they accelerate. This will cause the tires to wear unevenly and the tires that wear out quicker may develop a flat or even blow out.

Check the Battery

The last thing your child needs to have happen is to break down on the highway or Interstate. Even if they have a fairly new battery it should still be checked before they leave. Your child can check a few things on their own. For example, ask them to look at the battery terminals to ensure they are clean. If they see any corrosion on the terminals, your child needs to disconnect the terminals to clean them. They can mix some water and baking soda to make a paste and then use a wire brush along with the paste to do this. When they are finished, ask them to make sure the terminals are tight when they connect them back.

Ask your child to also check the voltage on the tire to ensure all cells are working properly. They can do this by using a voltage meter, which they can purchase at any auto parts store.

To ensure the car is in great condition, your child should consider taking it to a mechanic in their area to have it looked over. The mechanic will know of things to check and they can also help them with the two things above.