Do's & Don'ts Of Buying Racing Wheels For The First Time

Posted on: 14 May 2019

Building your own racecar from the ground up is exciting, and when it is time to pick the wheels, it is a bit like picking out your first brand new pair of high-end shoes. Racing wheels have a lot to offer your car on the track, both in performance and aesthetic appeal. It's easy to get caught up in the thrill of the buying process and get the wrong set. Here is a look at some of the do's and don'ts of buying racing wheels for the first time. 

Do: Work with a knowledgeable sales rep to help you out. 

Working with a sales rep is something a lot of first-time buyers do, but even experienced racers should do the same. A sales rep can offer you a lot of insight into the different designs and finishes, materials, and weight ratios. You may walk into a custom wheel place with one idea, talk to a sales rep, and come away with wheels that are completely different. 

Don't: Buy alloy wheels without knowing the pros and cons. 

Alloy wheels are one of the top choices among racers because they offer some of the most versatile looks and have a lighter weight, which are both good qualities on the racetrack. However, alloy wheels, just like steel wheels, do have the pros and cons to consider. Make sure you educate yourself so you do end up making the best decision. 

Do: Consider the weight of the wheels before you buy them. 

Weight ratings are a huge thing to consider when you are buying tires for a racecar. Wheels that are too heavy can change the weight ratio of the car and even lower fuel efficiency. Wheels that are too lightweight may not be resilient enough for racing. Take a look at the weight of any wheels you are seriously considering before you make a final choice about what you really want. 

Don't: Pick wheels purely according to what they look like. 

Sokes, intricate cutouts, bolts—there are all kinds of racing wheel designs to pick from. Finishes can add even more fun to the mix, such as powder-coated finishes, two-tone designs, and textures. While you definitely want a set of wheels that will reflect your personality as a racer and add flair to your ride, it is best to never pick wheels sheerly based on what they look like. This kind of thing can lead you to wheels that you are not fully satisfied with in the end.

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